Weddings / Blessings of Marriages

Scheduling Information

Scheduling the date: The scheduling fee is $3,000. The fee includes the use of the Chapel for the ceremony, the Bride and Groom rooms, and the rehearsal the day before. Please contact the wedding coordinator of St. Catherine’s Chapel at least 9 months prior to the intended date to schedule the day and time.
**At this time, Camp St. Malo does not offer a venue for wedding receptions.  Please ask Bernadette Buches for recommendations of local venues if needed.

Times: We offer weddings at 10am, 1pm, or 4pm on Saturdays. Please speak to the Wedding Coordinator if you have another day in mind. The scheduling fee does not include the fees for the services of the organist and a cantor, or remuneration to the priest or deacon who witnesses the marriage or the cost of Marriage Preparation Programs through the Archdiocese.

Facilities: Brides Room – The brides room is for the convenience of the bride and her attendants. Grooms Room – The Grooms room is smaller, and more for little touch ups and waiting, then for getting ready. These rooms are available for use 1 hour before the ceremony and up to 30 minutes afterwards.

These rooms must be left cleaned and picked up after the ceremony.

**Camp St. Malo is not Liable for any lost or stolen items.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bernadette Buches, wedding coordinator, with any questions or concerns: or (970) 586-5689.