Weddings / Blessings of Marriages

Additional Details

Rehearsal: The rehearsal is typically the day prior to the wedding and is booked at the same time as the wedding. The wedding coordinator will work with the couple to schedule the specific time. One hour is reserved for the rehearsal, so please come prepared, as other rehearsals or events may precede or follow your rehearsal. The Wedding coordinator will handle and direct the rehearsal.

Marriage License: The State of Colorado requires a Marriage License, which is valid only for thirty days. The wedding cannot be performed without a Colorado wedding license. The license must be given to the wedding coordinator at the rehearsal.

Readings: Please prayerfully pick out the readings for your ceremony. Together for Life by Joseph M. Champlin is a beautiful resource available to assist in making selections

Music: All parts of the liturgy are expected to conform to the Church’s standards for noble, sacred and appropriate expressions of prayer and celebration. As such, although tastes may vary for those approaching the sacrament of Marriage, the final decision on what is appropriate and fitting for liturgical celebration in this sacred setting must be approved. Please provide all music for approval to the wedding coordinator at your earliest convenience.

  • Please note, the Chapel does not have a sound system.
  • **The scheduling fee for CSM does not include the services of a musician. Their fees will are separate from the wedding scheduling fee and should be paid directly to the individuals who will be singing and/or playing at the wedding.

Photography & Videography Guidelines: The photographer, whether a professional or a family friend, must consult with the wedding coordinator before the ceremony to discuss permissible positioning during the ceremony. Posed group shots may be taken after the wedding ceremony. You will have 30 minutes after the ceremony for these posed group photos. To ensure that these go smoothly, please inform those in the photos not leave the chapel until all the pictures have been taken.

Flowers & Decorations: The Chapel and sanctuary are small and so these spaces can quickly look busy.  Please be aware of the following when planning your decorations:

  • The Chapel does not own or provide stands.
  • Any rearrangement of furniture/liturgical decorations must be approved by the Chapel Coordinator.
  • Any candles intended for use, other than what is already in the chapel, must have shields to prevent open flame, dripping wax, or injury. No candles are to be set along the aisle.
  • Decorations attached to the pews must be easily removable. Tape, staples, and tacks may not be used.
  • No rice, birdseed, confetti, or balloons are permitted inside the Chapel. Natural or silk petals are permitted inside (no red petals are allowed).
  • Aisle runners are not allowed, as they pose a tripping hazard.
  • All decorations must be removed after the ceremony.
  • A unity candle is not permissible.

Wedding Attire: Please keep in mind the solemnity and dignity of your wedding ceremony when choosing your attire.

Miscellaneous information to be aware of:

  • All other fees (musicians etc.) and donations (to priests or deacons) are the responsibility of the couple getting married, the scheduling fee does not cover anything other than the use of the facility.
  • To reserve a wedding date the scheduling fee and acceptance of these terms and conditions (provided once you have made a formal inquiry) is to be sent to the wedding coordinator.
  • The wedding coordinator has final say on all things involving the wedding liturgy.  Please ensure these matters are discussed beforehand – most everything presented day-of or last minute will not be used. Thank you for your assistance in making the day run smoothly!
  • We are not responsible for weather, traffic, elk/big-horn sheep traffic jams, or other local events which present issues for the wedding parties. Please leave yourself plenty of time to travel, allowing for all traffic and weather conditions.
  • The parking lot must be cleared after photos – as we might have another event afterwards.
  • Alcohol, Drugs, and any weapons are not allowed in the chapel or on the grounds of Camp St. Malo.  If an engaged couple comes to the wedding ceremony under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the wedding may be called off with the full forfeiture of the scheduling fee.
Please do not hesitate to contact Bernadette Buches, wedding coordinator, with any questions or concerns: or (970) 586-5689.