Congratulations on your engagement! The Sacrament of Marriage is a beautiful manifestation and witness of the profound love of God. We would be honored to be a part of your special day, and we want to do everything we can to make this day blessed and holy! Having your wedding at the sacred Chapel on the Rock, surrounded by the majesty of God’s Creation, is one of the most majestic wedding locations you can choose in Colorado 

We ask that you quickly review our list of requirements and information below before contacting us to schedule your wedding at Camp St. Malo.

Wedding Requirements

Basic Requirements

  • The Archdiocese requires a minimum eight-month preparation period before the wedding. However, reserve the chapel a year in advance due to the large number of requests.
  • The wedding fee is $3,000. The fee includes the use of the Chapel for the ceremony, the Bride room, and the rehearsal the day before. It does not include a voluntary donation to the priest or deacon who witnesses the marriage, the fee for services of an organist/cantor, or the Marriage Preparation programs through the Archdiocese. Please contact the Chapel Wedding Coordinator of St. Catherine’s Chapel at least 9 months prior to the intended date to schedule the day and time.
  • Weddings are offered at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm on Saturdays. Please speak to the Chapel Wedding Coordinator if you have another day in mind.  Marriage blessings may also be scheduled with the Chapel Wedding Coordinator.
  • The following facilities are accessible: Brides Room – the brides room is for the convenience of the bride and her attendants. These rooms are available for use one hour before the ceremony and up to 30 minutes afterwards. These rooms must be left cleaned and picked up after the ceremony. Camp St. Malo is not Liable for any lost or stolen items.
  • At this time, Camp St. Malo does not offer a venue for wedding receptions.  Please ask the Chapel Wedding Coordinator for recommendations of local venues if desired.
  • For those marrying a second time, be aware that time must be given for a possible annulment procedure. Archdiocesan law prohibits the scheduling of a wedding until the annulment process is complete and an affirmative decision has been given.
  • The wedding package does not include a priest or a musician.  Couples must contact a celebrant for the ceremony and musicians on their own.  The Chapel Wedding Coordinator is able to provide contacts and advice if requested. 


The Forms of the Celebration of Matrimony
  1. A Nuptial Mass is the usual form for the celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony between two Catholics.
  2. A marriage between a Catholic and a baptized Christian is usually celebrated outside of Mass, but may be celebrated in a mass if so desired.
  3. A marriage between a Catholic and an unbaptized person is always celebrated outside of Mass.

**Please note that the chapel is only available for Catholic weddings.
**Additionally, Blessings of Marriages may also be scheduled at the chapel.

Your parish may offer you a “Together for Life” book – which we highly recommend using! Please give a copy of the selection form to the Chapel Wedding coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance of your wedding.

    Preliminary Preparation

    Church Requirements

    The celebration of Matrimony is only to take place at Camp St. Malo through the agreement of the couple and the wedding coordinator. All couples desiring to be married in St. Catherine of Siena Chapel are required to complete the marriage preparation set out by their Diocese. The USCCB describes marriage as a sacrament and therefore, the couple is asked to prepare for this beautiful sacrament. The USCCB states that:

    Because Christian marriage is a sacrament, the Catholic Church wants couples to be well-prepared. Dioceses and parishes offer marriage preparation to help couples develop a better understanding of the sacrament; to evaluate and deepen their readiness to live married life; and to gain insights into themselves as individuals and as a couple. Marriage preparation programs take different forms. Some couples attend a weekend retreat; others are matched with a “sponsor couple;” and others participate in a series of marriage preparation classes offered by their parish or diocese. The important thing for engaged couples to keep in mind as they check numerous items off their pre-wedding “to-do” list is the well-known adage, “Your wedding lasts a day, but your marriage lasts a lifetime.” The Church encourages couples to invest time and energy into the all-important work of preparing for their married life together.

    Marriage preparation for those within the Archdiocese of Denver: Please contact your local parish 8 – 9 months ahead of the intended date of your wedding. In the Archdiocese of Denver, couples are required to take a Marriage Prep Class and a Natural Family Planning Class. Additionally, the couple’s parish will help them take the FOCCUS questionnaire and assign them mentors. Please complete the entire marriage preparation according to our Archdiocese standards and request the paperwork be sent to Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church. We ask that the pre-marriage documents be sent into us at least 1 month before the Celebration of Matrimony. This enables us to check that all the requirements have been met and that the couple understands the commitment that they are making to each other in the presence of the Church and the congregation.  For additional information about Marriage Preparation in the Archdiocese of Denver, click here.

    Marriage preparation for those located outside of the Archdiocese of Denver: Follow your diocesan guidelines for marriage preparation. First, meet with your own pastor and determine the best action plan for completing preparation in the required time. Once all marriage prep is completed at your home parish, your marriage prep mentor will provide all permissions and paperwork to your own diocesan chancery. They will review and send to the chancery of the Archdiocese of Denver, and in turn it will be provided to the Camp St. Malo office. Please note this process takes a few weeks to complete – therefore allow enough time for the documents to arrive at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church at least one month before the Celebration of Matrimony. If we have not received the documents through the archdiocesan chancery, we cannot proceed with the wedding.

    **Couples are encouraged to bring their own priest to celebrate their wedding if desired.  The camp chaplain may also be able to assist in celebrating weddings, depending on schedule availability.


    Necessary Documents

    • For Catholic(s), a current copy of each individual’s baptismal certificate (issued within 6 months of the wedding date) from the parish of baptism. Non-Catholics are asked to try and obtain a copy of their baptismal certificate or baptismal record.
    • Pre-nuptial investigation form filled out with the priest or deacon (MA Form in the Archdiocese of Denver).
    • Witness Testimony form signed by a witness and a priest (MB Form in the Archdiocese of Denver).
    • Marriage License – The State of Colorado requires a Marriage License, which is valid only for thirty days.  The wedding cannot be performed without a license.  The license must be given to the wedding coordinator at the rehearsal.
    • Any necessary Permissions or Dispensations.

    Explore the Chapel

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    Interested at having your wedding/blessing at St. Catherine of Siena Chapel? Please contact Bernadette Buches, the Chapel Wedding Coordinator.

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