Please note: Due to major renovations at Camp St. Malo, St. Catherine of Siena Chapel (the Chapel on the Rock) is currently closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Chapel available for weddings and/or vow renewal ceremonies?

Answer:  Yes. For information on scheduling weddings at the chapel, please contact Our Lady of the Mountains Parish. They can be reached at 970-586-8111.

Question: Is the Chapel open for visitors?

Answer: Yes. The Chapel is open to visitors every day, 10am to 4pm, weather permitting. Once construction starts, there may be times when the chapel will be closed. Please be sure to check for construction updates.

Question: When can we anticipate the chapel being reopened?

Answer:  The chapel is currently opened.  Renovations on the interior of the chapel have been completed. The exterior renovations of the chapel are anticipated to be completed by the end of October 2016.

Question: Is camping allowed on the property?

Answer: No overnight use is permitted on the property; however camp grounds are located nearby.

Question: Is hiking allowed on the property?

Answer: No hiking use is currently permitted. Although with the upcoming renovations, there will be a new St. John Paul II memorial trail that individuals can walk.

Question: Are there any Masses at the chapel?

Answer: No regular Mass services are scheduled at this time.

Question: What is the status on the restoration?

Answer: The interior of the chapel is complete. Once final permits are obtained, we will begin work on the exterior renovations.

Question: How can I help restore Camp St. Malo?

Answer: You can help restore and preserve the beauty and history of Camp St. Malo by making a donation online or calling 720-476-7488

Question: Where can I park?

Answer: Parking is located directly outside the chapel. There is also parking available in a gravel lot outside of the gateway. More parking lots will be established as part of the renovations.

Question: Are there bathrooms available?

Answer: There is currently no running water on site, but portable toilets are available for use. The upcoming renovations will include putting restrooms inside of St. Williams Lodge.

Question: Is the retreat center going to be rebuilt?

Answer:  A new retreat center called the Emmaus Catholic Retreat and Conference Center will be built on a new property located in Conifer, CO.   For updates on this new retreat center, please visit

Question: Are there insurance monies available from the losses at Camp St. Malo, and are they being used?

Answer:  Yes there is insurance money.  Those monies need to be used to rebuild structures similar to what was lost at Camp St. Malo. Unfortunately, the grounds where those structures would be built are deemed unsafe to build on.  Therefore, the monies are being put toward the new buildings at the new retreat center in Conifer, CO.

Question: What will the money be used for in these renovations?

Answer:  New roads on the property, including various parking lots, St. John Paul II memorial trail, updates to the St. Williams Lodge including bridal and groom suites/bathrooms and a gift shop, internal and external maintenance needs for the Chapel, including ADA accessible ramps, removing of dirt that is required by Boulder County.

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